What does it make a genuine item?

Is it the brand or status that has represented? 

The efforts put in manufacturing that accessory? 
Nowadays most of the top brands mass produce their items and people own exactly the same sunglasses, made in a factory somewhere, in millions of copies, send out all over the world. 

We decided to try something else, we think that in eyewear now is time to have a truly handmade good. 

Lamù Icons is the opportunity to really express yourself and not just being conformed to masses. 

 When we say 100% made in Italy, we really mean it. 

We want to offer you the finest quality and have so much respect for the craftsmanship of those artisans that we would never leave them. We are committed to them and you, equally.

We use only metal-free acetate, meaning that has not been treated with heavy metals that can harm the environment. Our suppliers are controlled and certified step by step. Very few providers do this; the reason why it isn’t popular in the fashion industry is simple: it’s more expensive.

 However, we strongly believe this is the future; this is what needs to be done, and this is why we do it.

Help us to spread awareness.